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Barefoot Venus Influencer Program

Do you want to join the BV team and become an Influencer for our NEW LINE?! We would like to introduce you to Perfume Your Soul.  It's our Wildest Collection yet, and celebrates the natural world in which we co-exist; with 4 delicious scents. 

Lemon Freckle, Black Coconut, Lavender Smoke & Pink Pepper.

We are assembling a group of social media aficionados to try out our new upcoming line ON US!  Selected members will receive goodies from our brand new line, some BV swag and of course bragging rights!  Then you can experience, indulge and rave about your faves.

We ask that you help spread the word about the BV brand by posting to your online channels. You can tailor your messaging and posts to fit within your existing platforms, including, but not limited to sharing videos, posting photos, writing reviews and sharing tips and tricks of the best uses of the goodies.  

Visit https://barefootvenus.com/pages/influencer-terms for full eligibility requirements and terms.